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Created 18-Mar-12
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In Fall 2011, I spent a few weeks in Abu Shouk internally displaced persons’ (IDP) camp, in an attempt to show another reality in Darfur.

Despite the ongoing armed confrontations, many IDPs do not want to stay passive, just waiting to return home, relying on the largesse of the international community. Step by step, they have slowly and resolutely taken their lives into their own hands, learning new skills, using the resources at their disposal, building and hoping for a better future.
Fleeing from conflict and living in camps that were supposed to be temporary, they are trying to bring some semblance of stability into their lives, by existing between war and peace.

These portraits are a selection of pictures taken for my book "Between War and Peace - Life in a internally displaced persons’ camp in Darfur", visible on and available soon on Blurb.

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